Employee Benefits

You understand the value and importance of attracting and retaining quality people.

A happy and motivated workforce, who feel valued, are productive and loyal employees.

Benefits provided to your employees is a great way to establish a competitive advantage.

Group Insurance Benefits

As an employer of 5 or more employees, you can arrange insurance benefits for some or all of your staff.

Benefits can be tailored to suit budget and include different variations and levels of Life Insurance, Income Protection and TPD insurance.

Income Protection

  • Provides an income stream in the event that an employee is unable to work due to illness or injury until the employee returns to work or reaches age 65 (shorter benefit periods can be chosen).
  • Covers employees 24 hours a day, so includes events that may not be covered by workers compensation insurance.
  • Removes the moral and financial dilemma of whether to continue to pay disabled employees by allowing the employer to financially support loyal employees after sick leave benefits expire.
  • Offers very cost effective premiums, usually less than 1% of insured payroll.

Many companies realise that protecting their valuable employees against sickness and injury is essential not only in providing an attractive employee benefit, but more importantly in strengthening the partnership with their employees. This can assist in increasing productivity and ensuring the organisation’s competitiveness is maintained.

This benefit is common in executive salary packaging arrangements and many companies are now providing the benefit for all staff.

This form of protection is also recognised by employers as being a cost effective method of planning and budgeting for their long-term sick leave commitments. Generally, the cost of providing this form of employee protection is also tax deductible to the employer and no Fringe Benefits Tax is applicable.

Once the policies have been introduced as part of the staff packages, we have come to observe these benefits as being highly valued by employees and employers alike.

Did you know?     

For most employees, the likelihood of being off work due to serious illness or injury is significantly greater than death. The average salary continuance claim lasts between 9 to 12 months while most families have enough cash on hand to last only 3 weeks without a pay cheque.

What cover is provided?   

Salary Continuance insurance replaces up to 75% of an employees’ income in the event of total disability. With improvements in medical science, the rate of recovery and rehabilitation from serious illness or injury is forever increasing, suggesting that fewer claims will be made under traditional Life & Total Permanent Disablement insurance policies as people are more often able to return to work.

Automatic Acceptance

Group insurance is generally provided on an ‘automatic acceptance’ basis.

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